What is considered big game hunting?

At one point in history, hunting had only one purpose: killing to eat. Hunting dates way back to survivalists, and methods of hunting have evolved immensely. From spears and knives to rifles and muskets, the art of hunting has become a popular sport. This hobby has three different categories: sport, therapeutic, and subsistence. Before you search for the best Florida big game hunting range, distinguish your hunting technique and motive first.


Derived from the Middle English word “Gamen,” or “Game,” hunting is actually just a term that means “sport.” It was developed by the Medieval upper classes in reference to their ritualistic practices in hunting. We use this term today to determine the style of hunting. The “game” is referring to the wild animal that is hunted for its products like meat, antlers, or fur. Small game hunting is considered less than 40 lbs. Big game hunting is just that: hunting bigger animals over 40 lbs. Those who shoot big game tend to go after the animals’ high-quality traits, such as furs, tusks, teeth, bones, oil, and even organs. In the United States, the most popular type of big game would be bears that can be found in places like Idaho, Alaska, North and South Carolina, and even Arizona. Cougars are the type of game that can be spotted in Montana, Arizona, and Colorado. The kind of big game hunting you’d see at a Florida big game hunting region would be anything from alligators to white-tailed deer and even wild boars. Every State has its own set of rules for big game hunting, as well and the best season to hunt. Reindeer, elk, moose, big-horned sheep, mountain goats, and bears are considered big game here in America. 


It’s possible to shoot game with any type of gun if you know what you’re doing. But the most efficient way to shoot big game is to choose a gun that fits the game profile. A handgun, for example, will probably hit and damage a wild boar; however, you’re probably not going to be taking that one home as it will most likely scamper off to another location. Using the right gun is important when you’re shooting at big game, especially bears and moose. These animals are relentless and are pretty smart when it comes to detecting the hunter. For the most efficient range, you’d want to consider shooting big game with a rifle. With hundreds of types of rifles on the market, the best way to find your match is to test them out for yourself. Your local Florida big game hunting range will have every rifle to equip you for the big game day. Some top big game rifles may include the Mauser Magnum 98, the Remington 700 AWR, the 110 Bear Hunter, and the Merkel Double Rifle 160, just to name a small few. Again, your local gun range will know exactly what you’re looking for, so don’t miss the most important step of learning more about clay sporting! This can be helpful practice in learning to hunt game, both big and small.

Big game or small game, it’s necessary to know what you’re facing when you’re shooting a gun for the first time. There are many styles and techniques, but the most important element to efficient, safe, and effective game hunting is to know what you’re doing with confidence. What’s more, a Florida big game hunting shooting range should have the tools necessary for you to learn and feel confident behind any gun. For more expert clay shooting information, check out our list or instructors and book your spot!

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