How do hunting clubs work?

Much like any sport or hobby, hunting is a sport enjoyed by many. Some have even formed a group or club to attract like-minded individuals. Each club member receives perks and incentives, and has a leisurely time gathering together and shooting clay. If you’ve ever thought of joining a hunting club, there are a few things you should know so you’re prepared beforehand. When you’re ready to join one of the few hunting clubs in Florida, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into. 


If you’re an avid hunter, you enjoy shooting clay, or both, and you frequent the hunting range, you may be ready to become an active member of a club. A hunting club is members-only, which means that you and the other members receive special incentives like formal meetings, social gatherings, group activities, dinners, exclusive events, and much more, depending on the style of the club itself. They come in all forms, such as duck, bear, deer, and others, depending on your geographical area. The membership owner is also responsible for managing the land’s resources. Organized hunting clubs in Florida will provide a safe and fun environment for their members. 

With the increased demand of land ownership, hunters are finding fewer and fewer available hunting spots. Joining a membership program will allow you and other members to gain access to spots that aren’t restricted. In addition, quality hunting land is becoming scarce, or worse, the land that is a sufficient hunting spot has a hefty cost. A hunting membership splits the cost between others in the group to afford the cost of good quality land. You won’t have to worry about insurance costs for shooting on property, either. While you’re making lasting friendships and sharing your collections, you’re getting the assistance you need to keep a safe environment all around. 


So now that you’re amped up to find one of the best hunting clubs in Florida that will suit your needs, you will also need to know what to expect before you sign that lease agreement. 

  • Dogs – In some states, dogs are prohibited on hunting grounds, so it’s wise to scope out the rules before you bring your best bud. 
  • Checking Systems – Find out what the check-in/check-out system is like. There’s nothing more frustrating than two hunters unknowingly being in the same field at the same time, so there must be a system that helps hunters gauge where to go so as not to spoil another hunter’s territory. 
  • Game Diversity – The memberships should have what you’re looking for in terms of hunting game. You may enjoy hunting a variety of species and want to choose a different game each session. 
  • Meetings – Club meetings or some form of communication should be frequent. This is where club owners can address problems, discuss upcoming events, and so on. Meetings and discussions keep members feeling involved, no matter the topic.
  • Cost – The most important questions to ask yourself are these: how much can you afford, and will you be receiving fair membership amenities for the cost? 
  • ATV Usage – The use of ATV’s or any off-road vehicle should be restricted to use by persons with disabilities or used for the retrieval of game. Obtaining an off-road vehicle on hunting property can seriously affect the nature of the game.
  • Overnights – If your home is a good distance from the club, find out if they have overnight accommodations. This is a huge perk for hunters! 

Are you ready to give one of your local hunting clubs in Florida a try? At Quail Creek Sporting Ranch, our members are like family to; join our team to become a part of it! Contact us today for more club membership information.

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