What is a good score for TRAP?

In the world of sport hunting, it can be tempting to focus on the scores of those around you in comparison to your own. But the idea of practice shooting is to gradually increase your aim and focus each time. And that’s the same with traps. Whether you’re a beginner in clay pigeon shooting or it’s your first time at a gun range, it’s important to focus on your own score so you can achieve a greater outcome. You’ll have a better score when you practice. When you’re looking for a trap and skeet shooting range in Florida, keep the following tips in mind.


Trapshooting is a specific type of clay pigeon shooting. It can be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys the sport of shooting! For men and women of all ages, clay shooting is a great way to sharpen your target skills, self defense skills, and your aim. Trapshooting requires precise accuracy and focus as clay discs are being hurled into the aim at a fast speed. 


Clay pigeon shooting serves more than just the thrill of accuracy when you’re shooting; you’ll be surprised at how much more alert and aware you are in your day-to-day activities. Because of the nature of traps, your brain has a natural tendency to remain patient, focused, and calm. These are all great qualities to have in everyday living! Target shooting in itself takes a great deal of patience and focus. But clay shooting trains your depth perception in whole new ways that can have a positive effect on your quality of life. Plus, if you’re looking to enhance your target skill at any level, trap shooting sharpens those skills! Trap shooting is fun for anyone at any stage of their life. It’s a type of clay shooting that doesn’t require target range experience or a specific technique- just a little bit of patience and a lot of fun! Because trap shooting is for anyone who wants to learn to shoot, it’s a great technique to build character and confidence in your shooting ability. One good attribute to have when hunting or sport shooting is discipline, and trap shooting helps increase physical discipline. 


Even if you’re a beginner in shooting targets, you’ll be interested to know what exactly is a good overall score. Well, this depends on the type of gun you’re using, but mainly how often you practice. And, yes, practice always makes perfect! A trap gun is appropriate for trap shooting because it’s made for that type of target practice. For a beginner shooting clay, you could knock down half of the targets in that round to be considered a good score. Each station has a range of 3 to 10 traps/clays. These traps can be released at two at a time or singly. Because of the nature of trap shooting (being for anyone beginner or advanced), you’d have to practice for your aim to increase a better score each time. The average score for someone just starting out can range from 15% to 45%. This means that that is the percentage that they hit for that round. There are tougher courses to try as well, once you have a better handle on the game. It doesn’t matter what level you start in trap and skeet Florida shooting; everyone gets the same amount of targets at each station (two pairs).  The shooter’s score is contingent upon both targets being broken or missed, whether the first target was broken and the second missed, or vice versa. 

Trap shooting makes it easy for anyone to practice their aim at any time in their life. But don’t worry too much about your score, as that will improve when you practice at your local trap and skeet Florida gun range. Quail Creek Sporting Ranch offers clay shooting for beginners with detailed and helpful shooting instructors to guide you along. Book your event or clay practice to improve your skills today! 

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