Learn more about sporting clay shooting in Okeechobee

Sporting clays is one of the fastest growing pastimes in the U.S. In fact, more than 13 million Americans report taking part in the hobby regularly. It’s most easily explained as golf with a shotgun, but there are a few particular rules that are different when you aren’t using clubs. If you’ve been curious about trying sporting clay shooting in Okeechobee, read more about everything you should know before stepping foot on the course. 


For sporting clay shooting, there are a few pieces of equipment that you’ll need. Dress comfortable in clothing that allows for maximum range of motion. You’ll need ear protection, either over the ear or ear plugs, and eye protection. A shooting vest will come in handy to store shells and your score card. And, you’ll need a 12- or 20-gauge shotgun. If you’re new to the sport and exploring whether you’ll like it or not, consider renting a shotgun at the facility for your first few rounds. 


The clay refers to discs, sometimes called pigeons, that are launched into the air at varying speed, patterns, and groups. They’re usually orange, black, or targets called rabbits that track the ground very quickly. The goal is to hit as many of the targets as you can with the two shells loaded in your shotgun. Some targets have multiple pulls allowing you to reload your gun before shooting. Your total score for that target will be the total number of clays you hit while shooting.   


Even if you aren’t a regular shooter, shooting sporting clays is fun. It becomes competitive, and once you hit a few targets, a confidence booster. Even if you don’t have a long history in any shooting sports, you should give it a try.   


There are some important rules to follow when you’re on the sporting clay course. After you’re finished shooting, it’s customary to open your shotgun and leave it in that position until you advance on the course and step onto the next target. This practice ensures that there aren’t any unintended accidents between shooters. You should also pick up discarded shells after shooting and be conscious of taking up too much time at each target if the course is busy that day. 

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