What Is Used for Pheasant Hunting?

When it comes to hunting, you play by the rules. There are specific items you need to bring with you that will equip you for any circumstance out in the field. So when it comes to Florida pheasant hunting, since these birds are smarter than you think, you need to be prepared to up your game. 

For Successful Pheasant Hunting

For a successful outcome, you’ll need to become educated on the pheasant family. Educate yourself before your Florida pheasant hunting experience. From field experience to reading and online research, try to familiarize yourself with their personalities and behaviors. Mentors can walk you through the rules you’ll have to play by in order to win your game. 

Along with this comes your ideal shotgun. You need to have a shotgun and chokes that are specifically for pheasant hunting. A 16 gauge shotgun is the way to go, however you can also use a 28 gauge.

You must choose the right clothing for pheasant hunting, and this will vary from state to state. Blaze orange is a safe color to use and will help increase your visibility. You want to be seen by other hunters as you move through the field, both safely and accurately.

The Hunting Essentials 

Aside from the obvious water and snacks, there are a few essentials that will improve your hunting experience while making it a safe environment for everyone. 

Hand Gear – You will need rubber gloves for field dressing any animal. Bacteria and parasites are common among various types of animals and should you have even the smallest scrape or cut on your hand, you could put yourself at risk for disease. Have extra pairs of rubber gloves on hand as well.

Rangefinder – A rangefinder is compact and lightweight and is one of the most important essentials to carry when you’re hunting. A rangefinder helps you see your target accurately and clearly at a broader range.

Flashlight – a flashlight is always necessary, especially when sunset vastly approaches. You’ll need to be able to see around your path if you’re planning on tracking or prey well into the night.

Survival Blanket – This blanket should be with you at all times when you’re going on a hunt. Compact and lightweight, they don’t take up too much space and are perfect for late night Florida pheasant hunting. 

Trash and Game Bags – This is a no-brainer and always essential. You need to have various sizes of game and trash bags with you to clean up heavy pieces of meat. Most game bags are reusable and much easier to transport and use. 

First-Aid Kit – No matter what the terrain, a  first-aid kit is necessary. From a small cut to an entanglement in the brush, having a first aid kit stocked  with various size bandages, hand sanitizer, paracord, anti-itch cream, and antibacterial cream will go a long way and give you peace of mind.

Headlamp – Again, you may find yourself wandering out close to dusk, and out for hours later spotting your prey, so it’s essential to have a headlamp for hands-free purposes. You may need to dress the animal or you may not have access to a flashlight.

Are you ready for an incredible Florida pheasant hunting experience? Whether you’ve been at the game for a while or you’re new, Quail Creek Sporting Ranch offers a variety of big game hunting for your needs. Need a place to Lodge for the evening? With lodging on site and a food pavilion, they make it simple and inviting for hunters to enjoy their sport safely. Contact them today for membership information!

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