Florida Quail Hunting Spot

Experience a wide variety of hunts at Quail Creek Sporting Ranch, one of the best places to hunt. Hunting is for members only.

Now Accepting Hunting Memberships Applications.
Limited Number Available.

If you are interested in a hunting membership, visit the link below:

Mandatory Hunting Items

Mandatory For Both Quail And Pheasant Hunting
Blaze Orange Hat
Hunting Vest With Blaze Orange
Shooting Glasses or Sunglasses
Additional Items To Bring
Comfortable Clothing / A Light Pair Of Pants and/or Jeans
Supportive Footwear Lightweight
Rain Gear/Windbreaker

Course Rules

  1. Alcohol is not allowed on course or before shooting
  2. Eye and ear protection are required at all times by everyone on the course
  3. No steel shot allowed
  4. Maximum of 2 shells in the gun
  5. Maximum load is 7 ½ 1 1/8 oz.
  6. Only 7 ½ , 8, 8 ½ , or 9 lead shot are allowed
  7. Staff reserves the right to inspect and approve all ammunition
  8. Always keep muzzle pointed in a safe direction
  9. Guns must be unloaded with actions open until shooters are in the stand and ready to shoot
  10. Only load gun when in the stand, pointed downrange and it is your turn to shoot
  11. No harvesting of any game on course property
  12. Do not touch or try to repair any machines or equipment
  13. Stay on course trail at all times
  14. By law, no one under the age of 16 may drive the golf cart
  15. One show pair allowed per squad per station
  16. Keep track of any broken targets or no targets and report them to staff
  17. If there are 4 brokens in a row, please stop pushing the button and move on to the next station
  18. You may throw as many extra targets as you want and you will be charged accordingly
  19. If you misplace your shooting card, you will be charged for the maximum amount of targets on the card

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